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Patterns are great if you want to make your own quilts. Handmade quilts and other items are timeless treasures with which to bless our loved ones. Whether you sew by hand or use a machine, quilts are super fun to make. Shoppers from India, please send me an email if you would like to purchase the pattern in INR. You can purchase these patterns on Etsy as well. Happy Sewing!

Pattern Review from Etsy - "Spring Breaking Through"

Very easy quilt pattern. Made it over a weekend with pretty fabric. Price was just right!!!!!

Want to stock these patterns in your shop?

Do you own a fabric or quilt shop? You can now request to stock physical copies of my PDF patterns in your shop! Contact me via email for more information. 

Caroline's pinwheels printed pattern.jpg


If you're in Australia and would like to purchase a physical pattern which is shipped directly to you, these can be purchased directly from East Coast Fabrics in Brisbane.

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