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About Me

A little backstory

Hi there! My name is Prarthana Inglis, and I am a quilt maker and quilt pattern designer. I've always enjoyed expressing myself through creative channels whether it's knitting, crochet, sketching, sewing or quilting. Quilting is my most recent obsession! I learnt to sew and embroider some basic things as a child from my mother, aunt, and grandmother, but nothing quite as intricate as making a quilt. A friend and colleague introduced me to quilting for the first time in 2011; she showed me some basic blocks and how to make cushion covers with those blocks and I was hooked. I started my FIRST quilt project in 2012, without a sewing machine or any quilting tools (like rulers or even a rotary cutter) I also didn't know any quilting shortcuts. Needless to say, it took ages to complete! At that time, I was going through a difficult break-up and some major life changes and the slow process of hand sewing a quilt was quite therapeutic. When the world went into lockdown in 2020, my mother taught me to use an old treadle sewing machine. Things definitely sped up after that. I did eventually move on to an electric machine and tried my hand at all sorts of quilted projects.

Where we are now

I absolutely love quilting! It is the perfect combination of precision and creativity that I have come to enjoy. I founded this website as a blog in 2020, when I discovered that there were others interested in learning from my creative journey or just appreciating the process. It's called Cece's Quilts and Things after my grandmother whose middle name "Cecelia" I share. Across the globe, quilting is often a skill passed on from mothers and grandmothers to their daughters and granddaughters. And although quilting is not a skill I picked up from my grandmother, she was the one who encouraged creative pursuits from a young age. I hope it is a legacy I can pass on. Quilting has followed me from Mussoorie, India to Atlanta, USA, then to New Delhi, India and now to Brisbane, Australia. Much as life has changed for me personally, from singleness to wifehood and now motherhood, this space has also gone from a blog to a small business. I have grown from blog writer to writing quilt patterns and making quilted items for others to purchase. It is now an integral part of my story and I absolutely love it! I aim to nurture and expand this in the years to come. I invite you to explore my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.


I specialize in crafting unique, handmade quilts and various quilted items such as pouches, cushion covers, table runners, etc. I also write patterns to guide others in creating their own pieces using my designs. In the future, I hope to host workshops and classes for those interested in learning to make items from my patterns, or for anyone interested in learning to quilt. 

I aim to make high-quality products, both digital and physical, with minimal fabric wastage, all while maintaining affordability for others. Through my workshops and patterns, I aspire to share my passion for creating with others, all while ensuring that the art of quilting remains accessible to all. Ultimately, my goal is to offer a range of services such as pattern creation, in-person and online workshops, as well as bespoke commission quilts and smaller quilted items. In everything I make, I hope to bring my whole authentic, multi-cultural self to the table, infusing my personal touch into every aspect of quilt making, enriching the local quilting community with a global perspective.

Other Services
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