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The Perfect Handmade Baby Shower Gift: The Baby Quilt

I absolutely LOVE baby quilts! They are super quick and easy, and you get to shop for adorable fabrics. But what IS a baby quilt anyway? If you've had children, you have probably heard that babies do not need quilts and probably won't use a quilt as a quilt until they're closer to two years old. So, why are they still called Baby Quilts and are these products actually useful gifts for new parents? Let's find out...

Uses of a Baby Quilt

I actually do not know the origin story behind why baby quilts are called Baby Quilts - Possibly because they were used as quilts for babies once upon a time? I also read a comment on Facebook this week that perhaps it's because the quilts themselves are baby sized versions of larger quilts, i.e., they are 'baby' quilts. Interesting theory! But I do know that as a new mother I use our daughter Aasha's baby quilt quite frequently. Here's how I use our baby quilt!

Baby Quilt Use #1

Outdoor activities. Take the baby quilt with you when you're out and about with the baby! We take Aasha's baby quilt with us when we head out for picnics or if I have a baby class or if we're hanging out at a friend's house - sometimes to spread directly on the ground or surface, sometimes over our outdoor rug. This is great for Aasha to get some play time on the mat. It helps that the quilts are nappy (diaper) bag sized, and light enough to carry around when they're not in the pram.

Outdoor time (be it in parks, or just with friends) is such a big part of adjusting to parenthood, so having this handy quilt to take with us makes all the difference in the world.

Baby Quilt Use #2

Couch Snuggles. A while ago Aasha got quite sick and was very congested. Little darling couldn't sleep unless she was semi upright. So, her Appa (dad) and I took turns sitting up with her while she napped. It wasn't super pleasant, and I was quite exhausted by the end of it, but it was still a moment to cherish and treasure. And I'm so glad we had this lovely quilt to snuggle under.

Baby Quilt Use #3

Floor and Tummy time! This is probably where we get the most use out of our baby quilts. Did you know babies can do tummy time from birth? They probably won't use the quilt for tummy time on the floor until they're a bit older though. The quilt will probably get spewed on quite frequently though! We would often out a towel under bub in the early days, but she still managed to miss the towel often enough!

Baby Quilt Use #4

Baby classes or activities. As a new parent (or experienced parent), there's nothing quite like connecting with other parents in the same boat as you - which is why classes or activities for babies are great! You get to chat with the other parents, and the babies get plenty of stimulation and play, while they're actively skill building.

We love Mainly Music at our church -it's so fun (I mean who doesn't enjoy music and a little movement?!).

And Finally...Baby Quilt Use #5

Milestone Photos!

Baby Quilts are great for those milestone photos. Even better if they are patchwork or some sort of design so you can see much the baby has grown in comparison. I mean how adorable is this baby?! She might be the cutest ever!

So, there you have it. These quilts might be the most versatile, yet and are definitely (in my opinion :D) the perfect handmade baby shower gift. As a bonus, you get to shop for the most adorable fabrics ever! They also don't take long to make so you can make as many as you like. Just make sure you make it so they can withstand lots and lots and lots and lots of washes.

Have you seen my selection of Baby Quilt Patterns? Check it out here. All my baby quilt patterns are beginner friendly. You can also commission a baby quilt from me. Drop a comment below if you would like more information about that.

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