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Scrappy Quilted Mug-Rug

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

For me, one quilting project can take several weeks to finish! And working on the same project over and over again can get a bit repetitive. I often need short projects that finish in a day to keep the creative juices flowing. This is one such project - quick and easy and best of all you can use scrap bits of fabric for this!

Fabric Requirements:

[5] 1" by 5" strips in assorted colours

( I used a b&w theme: 1 black 1" by 5" strip; 2 white 1" by 5" strips; 2 black and white print 1" by 5" strips)

  • [1] 5" square single colour plain fabric

(I used a red square to really stand out against the other black and white fabric)

  • [1] 4.5" square single colour/printed for the backing

  • 1.5" strip as required for binding. (alternatively, use a 5.5" square for self-binding backing)

  • Batting - 4.5" scrap


  • Using a scant 1/4" (quarter inch) seam allowance, sew the assorted (or black and white themed) strips together in this order, left-to-right: white, print, black, print, white. as shown in the picture here.

  • Press open the seams so the square lays nice and flat.

  • Trim the square to 5.5" (or to match the plain square)

  • Place the plain (red) fabric over this square, right sides together.

  • Sew along the four edges, with a scant 1/4" seam allowance.

  • Cut across the two diagonals of the square - from corner to corner. Open and press flat! You will have four beautiful mini squares.

  • You will have a few options and layouts to play with. Here's what I picked:

  • Layer this on top of the backing and binding. Add in some decorative quilting stitches across the whole square. When you're satisfied with the product, trim and add the binding to seal off raw edges.

Voila! Your mug rug is ready. Go get that coffee!

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